Friday, May 04, 2007

Reality Check

Stern PSA voiceover asks "Has this ever happened to you while you were grading? Abusers of the addictive drug of grading may experience flights from reality, flashbacks, and an inability to escape from their grading-riddled world."

  • You look at a word like "receive" or "separate" that's correctly spelled and all of a sudden . . . it looks wrong because that's not the way you've seen it spelled the last twenty times you've read it.
  • You could swear that you taught your students that story and essay titles were punctuated with quotation marks . . . and yet . . . the evidence of their papers tells you that your mouth was moving but no sounds actually escaped that day.
  • You know that Faithful Student can talk about literature and speak in sentences, because you've heard her do it in class, but the evidence of the paper before you tells you that you were hallucinating all along.

    Grading. What a long, strange trip it's been.

    Sisyphus said...

    Addictive!?!?! Ha!!! More like the stuff they give you when they're going to take out your wisdom teeth: you're going to feel a little loopy, they say, and you think to yourself, I don't want to be here at all.

    Horace said...

    Oh, God, if that's the case, Sisyphus, then I've been at a month long dentist appointment that occurs about 8 times a year.

    Come to think of it, that about sums it up.

    undine said...

    I think you have a point, Sisyphus. That would explain why some of them decided to festoon their papers with random commas and apostrophes, then; they thought it was a kind of confetti that would cheer me up.

    Bardiac said...

    OMG, you've channeled MY students!

    There is not enough bourbon...

    Anonymous said...

    I am actually doing better at it than I was during the term, because during the term I still feel I have to help them fix these problems. Now I just have to give grades.

    What is bothering me especially this time, for some reason, is the word "independent" misspelled as "independant." It has appeared several times already. I am not sure why it grates on my nerves, but it does.

    Anyway, I hereby tag you too for the Great Imperative Meme. See my site or Geoffrey Philp's (he invented it)!

    undine said...

    There is never enough bourbon, bardiac!

    Professor Z, I'll take you up on/respond to/post about (what IS the right term?) that meme soon!