Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random bullets of (post) conference

  • The conference was good: lots of good panels, lots of necessary meetings, and pleasant encounters with colleagues from other institutions.
  • Some of my students were presenting there for the first time, and they did an excellent job. If you think about it, we're not responsible for how they perform (except indirectly), but you know what? I felt proud anyway.
  • At the airport, I was introduced to the latest dance craze: the change-the-plane shuffle. Because of mechanical problems, we had to leave the plane we were on and travel to a whole other concourse to get on another plane. Trekking over to another concourse was a thoughtful idea; they probably thought we'd like the exercise after sitting on the plane that wasn't going to take off for so long.
  • To judge from today's e-mail, everyone at the conference spent all day yesterday busily following up on things, generating tasks, and so on. Don't they know the Rewards Rule for Conferences? When you get back, you get to spend the whole day doing something that you actually enjoy.

    I don't always observe the Rewards Rule, but since I have come down with a nasty cold, I did yesterday, which was devoted to . . .

    a combined Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford film festival, screened here at home in glorious black and white.


    Sisyphus said...

    What? There's a Reward Yourself rule post-conference? Then why did I clean my whole damn apartment and do four loads of laundry?? Crap! And that was only half the to-do list.

    undine said...

    You don't have a Reward Yourself rule? That's the only thing that gets me on the plane!

    I usually do something closer to what you were doing (cleaning & to-do list), but invoking the rule, especially when you feel lousy anyway, provides at least one reasonably guilt-free day of rest.