Tuesday, May 15, 2007

OT: Charities in the news

From the Los Angeles Times:

In his will, Di Stefano allotted $33 million to Greenpeace International. The year before he died, Greenpeace International dissolved and was absorbed by the related Greenpeace Fund.

The Salvation Army went to court, arguing that the specific organization named by Di Stefano no longer existed and therefore was not eligible for the gift. Instead, the Salvation Army said, that portion should be divided among itself and the other six charities.

Didn't the Salvation Army just inherit a gadzillion dollars from the widow of Ray "More Money than God" Kroc of McDonald's? Does this strike anyone else as being, well, really greedy on the part of the Salvation Army?


Anonymous said...

Well the money they got from Kroc is only allowed to be used to build new centers, but it doesn't allow for any money to be spent in funding the programs and activities that go on at those centers, so it actually put them in a position where they needed to do more fundraising.

undine said...

I didn't know that, but trying to finesse another group out of the money that's been willed to it still strikes me as cheesy behavior.