Friday, May 25, 2007

Everything old is new again

Brief conference update:

I've noticed that a lot of my students don't wear watches (they use iPods or cellphones to check the time) and have started paying attention to this when in sessions as well. Some of the people here (mostly men) don't wear watches, either, but I've seen them pull their cellphones out of their pockets and check them quickly, which means, I suppose, that they're checking the time and not their messages.

Yes! We are back to the age of the pocket watch, when men did this all the time, and I think it is charming.


Horace said...

Funny, when I actually wore a pocket watch (my wedding gift from Willow), people seemed to think it was pretentious.

Now if only I could get a pocket watch that doubled as a cell phone!

undine said...

I like the pocket watch idea and don't find it pretentious, Horace. I remember professors who'd take their watches out of their pockets and put them on the lectern before class.