Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day impressions

  • I hope they're going to like the class. I worked hard on the syllabus and readings.
  • I don't do much more the first day than explain the syllabus and introduce some of the assignments, since there's a lot to cover.  
  • If your university is like mine, it now has lots of policies, goals, and so on in specific boilerplate language that has to go into the syllabus. The syllabus now resembles Henry VIII's divorce petition to the Pope with all the wax seals. 
  • I wish I could add an interesting wax seal for each of the policies.
  • I wish we could have a day of experimenting with sealing wax without giving the fire marshal a heart attack.
  • It was nice to see colleagues when they are (and I am) relatively rested after the summer, even if we all worked all summer. 
  • It felt strange to be on campus instead of out for a walk/run early in the morning, looking at the deer in the fields and speculating about which little buildings behind people's houses might be writing houses.


Earnest English said...

Oh yeah, we have that boilerplate language too, but it's so vague and impossible and stupid I have to put my own policy that discusses nuances right after it! But I love the idea of syllabi with wax seals on them!

undine said...

Earnest English--wouldn't they be so much more exciting with sealing wax? I totally agree.