Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leaning in

All the posts about leaning in (see Flavia & nicoleandmaggie) have me thinking about this more than reading the Time article did.

Two things have resulted, one less than positive and one more positive:

  • After reading about Sandberg's schedule, which is timed to a fare-thee-well with nothing that I would recognize as leisure included in it, I now feel deeply and incredibly guilty if I am not doing something productive every minute. Watch House of Cards with family? Guilty. Reading blogs and puttering around the house in between grading discussion posts instead of powering through? Guilty. She is a shining beacon of reproach to me every day. I'm sure this wasn't what Sandberg intended, but it's a real effect, so I'm reporting it. 
  • On the positive side, after turning down a number of administrative opportunities, I've said yes to one after being asked, in part because of the women in positions of power thing that Sandberg talks about.  I turned them down, by the way, not because of the "I'm not worthy" mindset that Sandberg talks about but because they interfered with a greater professional goal that I wanted more. Now that that's within sight or at least hailing distance, it might be time to think of an opportunity that's a leadership role, and yes, all the talk about Sandberg made me think of it that way. 
The guilt should fade, but the position, once finalized, should last, so I would call that a net positive effect. 


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new position!

undine said...

Thank you! It's not yet a done deal, but I expect it to go through soon.

Anonymous said...

I see -- you react to the lean in idea as I do to academic advice. I get exhausted at the idea one should push all the time.

Good on the new position!

undine said...

Thanks, profacero!

I am kind of resistant to advice of any kind about some things. iPad apps? I'll listen. Advice about family or feminist issues? Those feel pretty solved to me (in my own life, anyway), so I mostly don't pay attention.