Thursday, March 05, 2009

The influential writers meme

The estimable Professor Zero has tagged me for the influential writers meme, and, although I fear that my list can be neither as rich as hers or as critically astute as Lumpenprofessoriat's, here it is. As I understand it, this is supposed to name authors who've inspired you or made you think. I took this to mean writers who had influenced me at an earlier stage of my life (hence the "greatest hits" nature of the list). Also, they don't have to be great writers, but I've left some off that at one point were important to me (how else to explain reading the entire "Strangers and Brothers" series of C.P. Snow one summer?), though I now can't remember why.

Bear in mind that this is done quickly and in no particular order; also, some obscure authors' names have been omitted to protect the guilty (me), and I'm not including critics.
  1. Raymond Chandler
  2. Jane Austen
  3. Laura Ingalls Wilder
  4. George Eliot
  5. Henry James
  6. Emily Dickinson
  7. Thomas Hardy
  8. Andrew Marvell
  9. T. S. Eliot
  10. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  11. William Shakespeare (it's true!)
  12. Ernest Hemingway
  13. John Milton
  14. Charles W. Chesnutt
  15. Kate Chopin
  16. William Wordsworth (and Dorothy Wordsworth)
  17. Edith Wharton
  18. Emile Zola
  19. Willa Cather
  20. W. Somerset Maugham
  21. Emily Bronte
  22. John Webster
  23. Jean Toomer
  24. Charles Dickens
  25. James Joyce
And now for the tags, also in no particular order (and since I can only tag 25, please consider yourself tagged even if your name is not listed. I tried not to tag anyone who doesn't seem to do memes.)
  1. Bardiac
  2. Mel
  3. Profgrrrl
  4. Lesboprof
  5. Sisyphus
  6. Dr. Crazy
  7. Horace
  8. Fretful Porpentine
  9. Heu Mihi
  10. K8grrl
  11. Bittersweet Girl
  12. Dr. Virago
  13. What Now?
  14. jo(e)
  15. Dance
  16. Philosophy Factory
  17. Dr. Brazen Hussy
  18. The Salt Box
  19. Moria
  20. 10eleven
  21. Historiann
  22. New Kid
  23. PhDme
  24. MuseyMe
  25. Cheese and Responsibility


Anonymous said...

I hope it's OK if I play along!

undine said...

Absolutely! I didn't tag you because I hadn't seen memes at your site & wasn't sure if you'd want to be tagged.

Professor Zero said...

There are so many key people I seem to have forgotten to put on my list. I'm going to have to have a 15 *books* meme too, so I can list Alice in Wonderland!

undine said...

After reading everyone else's meme posts, I think I've left out way too many!