Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OT: Cat 1, Printer 0

I'm sure you all saw this a few years ago on YouTube. Apparently one of my cats watched it, too. Today as I was duplex printing (Save the trees! Save the earth!), Calm Cat came to watch, as he always does. The HP printer I use prints one side, spits out the page part way for the ink to dry, and then draws the page back in to print the other side. This is clearly an affront not to be tolerated, so Calm Cat kept grabbing at the page and tearing it up as it was drawn back into the printer.

Did Calm Cat vanquish the printer? Of course. The print head got stuck, and I spent the next half hour with a pair of tweezers, picking shreds of paper out of the printer's innards. The printer is working now, and it now has an ally against the depredations of Calm Cat: the Spray Bottle of Doom, which is going to work its magic if he gets near the printer again.


comebacknikki said...

The Spray Bottle of Doom! LOL!

Ink said...

I love the Spray Bottle of Doom, too. Tee hee.

Thanks SO much for doing the blog meme! Really enjoyed reading your answers...and I'm madly trying to imagine what children's book you mean. Hmmmm.

undine said...

Thanks! They do get nervous around the Spray Bottle of Doom, so I figure it's the printer's best ally.