Sunday, November 11, 2007

A thought on writing

Cross-posted from The Blog of Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau's Journal: 11-Nov-1851

It is fatal to the writer to be too much possessed by his thought. Things must lie a little remote to be described.


Anonymous said...

Great quotation. I did not realize he was also blogging. So is Pepys:

undine said...

Yes, Thoreau and Pepys are blogging after death--who knew it would be so popular?

Professor Zero said...

Now I did a google search for this phenom and found Whitman is also blogging, although he seems to have stopped in May.
I feel a post coming on about all of this ... there may be others.

Professor Zero said...

Oh yes - and I saw a blog (I think it was a blog) discussing the question of whether Thoreau *would* have blogged. The participants did not refer to his actually extant blog. ;-)

undine said...

You should do it! "Dead Writers Writing"--it's a great concept.