Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random bullets of technology

  • I am over my desire for a Kindle, a tech-excitement that reading texts on my laptop helped to satisfy. Although I usually print .pdfs because that's the only way to mark them up if you don't have the fancy Adobe package (but just the reader), I've been reading them on screen to save paper.
  • In ordering books for next semester, though, I couldn't help noticing that many of them would be $2 or less on a Kindle (or free, if the students used Project Gutenberg). I wonder if I'll see any in class?
  • Profgrrrl mentioned attending a Skype meeting the other day. I so want my department to get in on this, since it would save a lot of time for many of us.
  • The students who are using technology in their final projects seem really excited about doing them, and a couple have said that it made them think about the texts in different ways. (Good!)

    Mel said...

    I'm also waiting until Kindle has native PDF support (I too had a brief burst of enthusiasm and interest). But in the meantime -- I've been using NitroPDF for marking up, editing, etc of PDFs -- it's WAY cheaper than Adobe and gives you lots of flexibility with PDFs.

    undine said...

    Mel, thanks so much for telling me about NitroPDF; I went over to the site and ordered it this morning. It'll make the day's work much easier!