Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not ready to go back? Join the club.

Someone must have slipped a guilt pill into my students' pumpkin pie. On Friday, I started getting e-mails about the most random things, or maybe not-so-random things:
  • "I just realized that I didn't do X. Can I do extra credit to make up for it?"
  • "Do you want me to e-mail you a draft of this?"
    Not right now.
  • "Hi. Here is a complicated hypothetical situation--want to respond?"

    As long as there is pie left in the dish, there is vacation time left. It's not their fault, since I always stress how available I am, but respond? Maybe tonight, during the magic "12 hours until class" time, but before then, I am on vacation (which means work, of course, and grading, but not thinking about class).

    ArticulateDad said...

    Yeah, I know the feeling. I had to dash over to my office however on Saturday (after the second panicked email from the same student) to send him a makeup test (he had medical issues). I had planned to send it Wednesday night, but forgot.

    undine said...

    That's dedication.