Monday, April 02, 2007

Service, service, service

This isn't traditional service--no meetings are involved--but I've done nothing since Friday but knock down and cross off list items. Write letters. Spend too many hours doing a newsletter (a responsibility and a true time suck that I plan to hand off very soon to someone else). Respond to requests. Write reports. Respond to e-mails. Update information for class. Read submissions for awards and grants. Prepare for class, including a lot of reading since this is a new work.

Profgrrrl has a post saying that she envies her students, who get to read interesting things while she writes reports, and Paper Chaser wants someone to race her to the finish line on a piece of writing for Friday so she'll get some writing done. I might take her up on that.


Professor Zero said...

I like the race idea. I can't make it for Friday. For the next Friday, I could be competitive.

undine said...

I'll have something due then, too. I can't be competitive for this one, but I'm sure going to try.