Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joining the media boycott

MaggieMay is disgusted with the media's treatment of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and I don't blame her. What should be respectful and a celebration of the life of the victims has turned instead into a circus.

I rarely watch television news at all, so when I turned to CNN and MSNBC to get some information this week, I was--well, dismayed would be a polite term for it.
  • I saw blonde newstwits (Nancy something and another one who'd had a lot of plastic surgery) interrupting Nikki Giovanni by inserting banal comments into Giovanni's discussion of the situation.
  • I saw two young men remembering their friend, now gone, and celebrating his accomplishments and life, only to be cut off by the male newstwit asking, "How did you feel about the shooter's video?" They told him that they were there to celebrate their friend's life and were not going to talk about that (good for them!).
  • Above all, I saw endless, endless footage of the murderer, granting him the triumph that he would have wished, while a long, self-serving screed by the president of NBC explained how careful they were not to give the shooter the triumph that he would have wished.

    I'm with Maggie May. "Disgusted" about covers it.
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    news said...

    We agree with you 100%.

    Concerned citizens formed

    You can make a difference, please sign our online petition asking NBC News to stop and apologize for its reckless behavior.

    Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. Original youtube clip.