Monday, January 29, 2007

Some days, only chocolate-covered almonds will do

What kinds of days make you stop at the store for chocolate-covered almonds when you haven't had any candy in the house since Christmas?

1. Not the kind of day I had this weekend, where I finally responded to people who'd wanted copies of various conference papers and sent them.
2. Nor the happy parts of the day when a student from a class I taught a few years ago stops by, all dressed up in a suit, just to say hello and tell me how well he's doing now.
3. Nor even hearing some of the job candidates that the search committee worked so hard to choose, to interview at MLA, and to bring to campus; that's a nice part of the day, too.

No. You go out of your way to buy chocolate almonds

1. When you take a full slate of work into the office with you on a day you don't teach and instead spend it going over grad applications (and aren't done yet). I'm not complaining--it's important work--but if you're applying for a grad program, just know that your application has been thoroughly and carefully read.
2. When your work computer decides that it's done with this whole internet thing and refuses to connect at all, and you and the tech guy spend a couple of hours figuring out what could have gone wrong.

I know that all the cheery exercise and health magazines have a different cure for this ("Eat an apple!" "Take a brisk walk!"), but the almonds worked just fine. Now it's time to get to work.

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