Thursday, January 11, 2007

First week

Not much to report; it's the first week of classes, and the syllabi for the classes *did* get done, my usual fears to the contrary.

For one of the classes, I'm in a retro-classroom. I don't really mind. The university prides itself on its technology (as which university nowadays does not?), but this one has a tiny television monitor (instead of a projector) at the end of a long, narrow room, which means that the students can see nothing that I project, as they were quick to tell me. It also has some kind of super-ventilation unit close by, so I have to speak up since it's a little like teaching inside a vacuum cleaner.

The students seem good-natured about these limitations; in fact, it was a student who told me that I'd probably need to speak up since the acoustics were not great, since she'd had a class in there before. And if they really need to see a web page, well, I'll do as I did today and invite them all up to the front of the class and gather around the campfire, so to speak.

Back to transparencies, then, and let's party like it's 1995!

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