Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is it done yet?

It's the phrase you love to hear, because it means that someone is paying attention to the infernal manuscript, and the phrase that, next to "are we there yet?", you probably hate the most, if you have to answer "no."

I am in the same boat as Dr. Crazy: not writing on the blog, despite that long post on Joyce Maynard/J.D. Salinger, because I'm trying to get writing done. And like her, I've figured out some things I can ignore.

  • CHE, which I usually take a break from anyway in the summer, and ChronicleVitae. My admittedly writing-obsessed and  very possibly writing-cranky self now looks at the headlines at CV and goes down the list: "Knew that. Knew that 20 years ago. You didn't know that? Nope, you didn't invent that. Yup, that's true. Nope, you're wrong." Finally, I realized that CV is for new academics, not mid-career ones, and now CV is going on the banned-for-summer list too. 
  • TV, at least normal non-Netflix TV and most of Netflix, too. 
  • Premature election coverage, A.K.A. all election coverage at this point. 

Things I can't ignore:

  • July deadlines.
  • Getting out of the house and getting some exercise, unless I want to resemble you-know-who from Back to the Future. 

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