Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Monty Python wisdom

Sometimes it happens: didn't sleep well, woke up early, went back to sleep and had a bad teaching dream (they showed up in a room I hadn't been told about), and so on.

So in the rich tradition of interior monologues, as I was preparing to leave for the day, one part of my brain said, "I don't feel like teaching today."

Up pipes a John Cleese voice from the "Dead Parrot" sketch. You know the part where Palin tells Cleese, "Beautiful plumage, the Norwegian blue" and Cleese answers "The plumage don't enter into it. It's stone dead"?

Yes, a John Cleese voice popped up inside my head and said, "Your wanting to teach don't enter into it."

I laughed, got in the car, taught all day, and had good classes. It's true: when they're expecting you to show up, your momentary thought that you might not feel like it don't enter into it.

(Link to the sketch: Dead Parrot Sketch)


Dr. Virago said...

Haha! Awesome! I hope that John Cleese pops into *my* head the next time I don't want to teach.

Arbitrista said...

That's pretty funny!

Dr. Koshary said...

So odd that you mention this. Just a few days ago, I was driving to work and thinking about being elsewhere, and John Cleese piped up from the same damn sketch, saying, "Pining for the fjooooooooooords!?"

The chuckles it brings up actually can get you through the day, isn't it so?

undine said...

Dr. Virago, I did not expect to hear him inside my head, but apparently he has a worldwide franchise on speaking wisdom.

Arbitrista--thanks! I laughed about it, which is why I put it on the blog.

Dr. Koshary--So he is everywhere, then--or is it just that sketch?