Monday, August 16, 2010

A syllabus present

I am avoiding all talk of tenure and deadwood (still clinging with a tight, desperate grip to positivity), but if you want to know what I think, go read Historiann's great post.

Now about the present: this afternoon, I opened up the folder with the old syllabus for one of this fall's classes for to begin the long, slow process of figuring out assignments and timing.

It was already filled in with correct dates and updated assignments--woo hoo! There's still a lot left to do, but there's a lot less than I thought there'd be.

Either the Syllabus Fairy got to this folder before I did, or I worked on it back when I ordered books and then forgot that I'd done so.

So to the Syllabus Fairy or to the May incarnation of Undine or whoever did this: thanks from August Undine.

[Updated to add: see also More or Less Bunk's take on the tenure/deadwood idea: "This is the academic politics of distraction writ large. Don’t blame us, blame the senile old fogey over there."]


Nicole said...

I LOVE it when that happens.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Send the Syllabus Fairy over here! Please! I can offer fresh peach ice cream . . . don't fairies love that stuff?

undine said...

Nicole, I love it, too!

Dame Eleanor, fresh peach ice cream--hmm. I will tell the Syllabus Fairy.