Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Pensive Season

In the spirit of being positive, and stolen entirely from the blog of Henry David Thoreau:
What shall we name this season?—this very late afternoon, or very early evening, this severe and placid season of the day, most favorable for reflection, after the insufferable heats and the bustle of the day are over and before the dampness and twilight of the evening! The serene hour, the Muses’ hour, the season of reflection! It is commonly desecrated by being made teatime. It begins perhaps with the very earliest condensation of moisture in the air, when the shadows of hills are first observed, and the breezes begin to go down, and birds begin again to sing. The pensive season.
As part of making life less hectic, I made a list of my top ten internet distractions, some of which I visit more than once a day if left to my own devices, like a rat pressing a lever in a Skinner box. My new plan is that I get to visit one each day but leave the rest alone. It's already made a difference in my receptiveness to the pensive season.

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