Thursday, May 01, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

As seen at The Edge of the American West, Fox reports on a possible "Lincoln-Douglas" debate.

They have entirely the wrong Douglas(s) and haven't even spelled Frederick Douglass's name correctly. Other than that, it's a swell graphic.

Don't history classes in grade schools teach about the debates between the Little Giant (Stephen A. Douglas, left, from the Library of Congress) and Lincoln any more? Surely they teach about this in college courses, don't they?

Or is history one of those frivolous liberal arts that are somehow dragging down the curriculum at places like the University of Toledo?


Professor Zero said...

Here we even have humanities types who do not believe in history.

Conservatives don't believe in evolution, but hip postmodernists don't believe in history. I am really not sure which is worse.

undine said...

I guess I'm more afraid of the anti-evolutionists, since those who don't believe in history aren't likely to try to pass laws banning the teaching of it (or maybe the laws are a fictional construct, too).