Monday, May 19, 2008

Reality check

If you were a student, and you knew you had signed up for an online course, and you knew that it was being held in Blackboard, and you knew how to sign in to Blackboard and had even posted comments on the discussion board, what would you say if you saw the following?

  • An announcement on the first page that announced the WRITING ASSIGNMENT.
  • An email from me announcing the first WRITING ASSIGNMENT.
  • An icon, obviously clickable, that led to the week's work, which included a page called WRITING ASSIGNMENT.
  • Lecture materials that referred on every page to the WRITING ASSIGNMENT.
  • A menu item, visible from all pages, that said "Syllabus," which coincidentally discusses the WRITING ASSIGNMENTS for the course.
  • A menu item that says "Lecture Materials," among which is the page for the WRITING ASSIGNMENT.

    Would your reaction be this?

    "I didn't know we had any writing assignments in this class."

    Just checking.

    [Edited for punctuation.]

    Bardiac said...

    So, is there really a writing assignment? Do I have to do it to pass the class?

    undine said...

    :-). You're channeling them, aren't you?