Thursday, February 07, 2008

RBOC (still here)

I will write a more substantial post soon, but for now, RBOC--now new and improved, with whining added!
  • Like the rest of the northern half of the country, I am ready to be finished with snow, snow, bad roads, worse roads, and generally awful weather. I'm a northern person from way back, but come on!
  • With the shovel, kitty litter, rug, rope, and other accouterments of northern living cluttering up the back of my car, a state trooper from around here would know I'm just ready to dig myself out of a snowbank and not preparing to bury a body. A state trooper from the south would think I'm another Crazy Astronaut Lady, minus the duct tape and diapers.
  • Classes are going well, and I got another piece of writing out the door this week.
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