Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finished, done, gone, and out the door!

I've just sent the long article, so all told, that's three things sent this week (if you count proposals, and I certainly do count them). That leaves just work for class and a couple more things to get done before Tuesday.

In the meantime, I am lining up the possibilities for non-Superbowl-related amusements:

  • Shoveling the driveway again. Because like everywhere else in the northern half of the U.S. we've been getting record amounts of snow here in Northern Clime, this has become a daily (or sometimes twice daily) meditation-and-exercise regimen.
  • Knocking down the deathcicles that are hanging from my eaves. Seriously, one of the icicles is at least three feet long and tilted at an angle that would stab the unwary visitor to death if it were to fall off. There ought to be a murder mystery in which the weapon is an icicle, which would melt away and leave no trace.
  • Mediating the Cat Deathmatch that keeps erupting because Older Cat has decided to take Younger Cat's place on top of the filing cabinet in the room where I work. Younger Cat considers me her possession and will usually not tolerate any other cats within 5 feet of me, so my concentration keeps getting broken by hisses and yowls.
  • Clearing the decks for the next set of projects. By the time I've finished writing something, it's as though I'm a bird in the midst of a nest of papers and you can't see the floor anymore. Putting the previous project's copies, drafts, books, and general detritus away somehow gets my brain ready for the next batch.

    Sisyphus said...

    Hooray for finishing a thing!

    I always love the feeling of tidying up all the piles when I've accomplished something --- sometimes that's the _reward_ I promise myself. Because I am a weird person.

    Anonymous said...

    I think I read that mystery.

    undine said...

    I love it too, sisyphus, although if I get too deeply into it, it becomes a procrastination routine.

    You mean there really was one, pronetolaughter? I figured that there had to be, but I wasn't sure.