Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random bullets of panic (back to work edition)

I'm back from the limited-internet land near the lake and the river that runs between two countries [tm jo(e)]. It was nice, even if the insect-less state of affairs here in Northern Clime made me forget that mosquitoes, blackflies, and other pests will get you if you aren't careful back near the lake and the river.
  • Please tell me that classes don't start VERY SOON, even if you have to lie.
  • All that new course prep that I airily waved away in June and July, thinking I'd have plenty of time? Yes, it has to be done, let me see (consults calendar) . . . yesterday.
  • The desk copies? The ones I ordered in May? So not in. But says I can have the most important one by tomorrow (talk about instant gratification) so that I can get the syllabus made up for my trip to campus on Friday.
  • Oh, and all that reading and writing I took along, thinking, why, what else will there be to do on the lake? I barely made a dent in any of it.

    Maybe Me said...

    Repeat after me [talking to myself]: the classes do not start soon, the classes do not start soon, the classes..---
    Oh wait, what day is today, again?

    Well, if I can't lie that well, at least know that you are not alone in this situation. There are others, hoping they will have figured it out by tomorrow p.m. (all the while commenting on blogs, as you might notice). ;)

    Hang in there!

    heu mihi said...

    ...and while also attending orientations, retreats, meetings, convocations, student introductions, etc!

    undine said...

    Thanks for the good try, stupendouswoman. I'm still working and working and working on the syllabus for one course (new course)--and as jb says, there are still all those other obligations!