Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not, alas, a news item

Cero's comments on the last post got me thinking about this, too:

Explain to me, please, why various parts of the campus network go down sporadically at this time of the year, leaving us stuck for things like printing out rosters--which, in keeping with the "it's all at your fingertips and so convenient for you" ethos of every university today, are no longer made available to us.

What's that you say? The network is getting heavy use because the students are back and classes have started?

Who ever could have predicted heavy use of the server at this time of year? Why, it's not as though school starts every year at this time and someone could have predicted the problem.

End of snark attack.

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Anonymous said...

Now it is the 3d week or something and the servers still don't come up.
I cannot ftp class web pages to my web space, nor can I update WebCT. I have been trying all day.

I am very seriously tempted to start running all course websites on Blogger or WordPress. I am not joking.