Saturday, December 02, 2006

You may be a college professor if . . .

  • you are genuinely excited about finding a way to drop quiz grades in an Excel spreadsheet. (To drop 2 grades,
  • you spend Saturday afternoon grading instead of getting out in the pale light that passes for sunlight before the sun sets at 3:30 p.m.
  • you spend time wondering if Flighty McSpacecadet, a good but erratic student, will actually turn in a project that he owes you.
  • people around you are talking about some "holiday" that happens at this time of year but all you're doing is bracing yourself for finals and MLA.
  • you've bought your sole decoration for said holiday (a wreath) and it's been sitting on your porch for a week waiting for when you have a spare 5 minutes to hang it up.
  • you decide that shoveling off the back deck so that the cats won't get their feet cold is an activity preferable to grading even one more paper.

    Any others?

    Bardiac said...

    So true! Isn't MLA-eve some sort of holiday?

    ~profgrrrrl~ said...

    You find yourself looking forward to Friday so you can spend quality time alone with a manuscript.

    You find the enrollment numbers for your courses much more interesting than the stock market.

    Anonymous said...

    You go out during the week to get the gris-gris of your campus off of you, but stay home Saturday nights (magic moment - furthest from Friday afternoon and Monday morning) to write.

    undine said...

    These are too true. Saturday night/Friday night writing, stock market enrollments, MLA-eve--some life we lead!