Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can't win them all

Yesterday, as I was collecting the final exams for one of the classes, ArticulateGuy* came up to the desk. "You wanted us to answer three questions on this part but just write one of the essays, right?" he asked.

ArticulateGuy has completed all the requirements for the course except one, and it's a big one. He hasn't turned in a single paper. Not one.

Now, as a concerned teacher, I do send a reminder e-mail (a mass e-mail saying "I haven't received X") if I don't get a paper from someone. Just one e-mail: my secret motto is "I'm a mom, but I'm not YOUR mom." However, last week I'd had this exchange with ArticulateGuy.

"ArticulateGuy, I didn't receive a paper from you this week."

"I know. I'm a bad student."

It'd be nice to get to the bottom of THAT statement, but I had another class in 5 minutes, so here's what I said:

"You're smart, and you have good things to say in class. Get the paper in to me."

Yesterday, I mentioned it to him again as he was making sure that he'd followed all the directions on the exam. "Look, ArticulateGuy, you can't pass the class if you don't turn in the papers. I'll be turning in grades before Friday, so you have a chance if you can get something in to me. I don't want to nag (ha!), but I just wanted to let you know."

This breaks my "I'm not your mom" rule, but I couldn't help it. I hate to see them crash and burn like this.

I'm holding out hope, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for his paper.

*with apologies to ArticulateDad for stealing part of his pseudonym.

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Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. I haven't a trademark on it. ;)

Talking to a friend and recommender of mine recently (who happens to be single and childless), he remarked that many of his colleagues talk about "adopting children on a four-year basis". So, you can be forgiven for breaking your "I'm not YOUR mom" rule once.