Monday, September 18, 2006

The Literary Post Office

This wasn't a conversation I had expected to have at the post office today, but it's a nice one to report. After dropping off a package to be mailed, I asked for some stamps.

Me: "The Katherine Anne Porter ones, please."
PO counter man: "Have you read any of her work?"
Me: "Yes, lots."
PO counter man: "She mostly wrote short stories, didn't she?"
Me: "Yes, and a novel--Ship of Fools. It took her twenty years."
PO counter man: "Really? She wrote Ship of Fools, eh? That'll be $7.80."

Nice to know we have a literary as well as literate post office.


Professor Zero said...

I always like this about the post office.
And in general, I like finding out that people are more literary than I think -- which happens more often than I expect.

undine said...

THis is the first time I'd had a conversation like this, Professor Z., but I'm looking forward to more.