Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A car & driver illusion shattered

Well, maybe not shattered. Maybe slightly dented.

Driving up the road to campus today, I saw another Prius. They're not too common around here; I see maybe one other one a day.

As I turned onto campus, I saw a student starting to cross at the crosswalk and stopped. The other Prius zipped right by us on the right. Since the students have sensibly concluded that it's rare for cars to stop, even though they're supposed to, the student of course slowed down and wasn't injured.

But still. According to PriusChat, all Prius drivers are brave, loyal, trustworthy, cheerful, thrifty, reverent, obedient and the rest, and when they're not bragging about their gas mileage (their only vice), they're out saving the whales.

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