Friday, May 30, 2008

Random bullets. No, really. They're very random.

  • Horace's post about reading as productivity was right on target. I can read and read and READ and read and take notes--but that doesn't feel as productive as writing, however necessary it may be.
  • I am making a conscious effort to greenify, if that's a word, my daily life. I've been using my laptop instead of the big computer (it's cooler and quieter, so logic dictates that it is more energy efficient, no?), walking most places, getting the garden planted, unplugging the toaster and other instant-on appliances, and eating more leftovers. I had converted some time ago to CF bulbs and the lovely space-alien green glow that some of them give off (PR on these says "this doesn't happen," but they haven't seen them in my light fixtures), so I can't do any more in that way except use less light.
  • Does anyone else have a collection of small metal boxes left over from Altoids, loose tea, and spices? What on earth can you do with them? I hate to throw them away, because they look as though they'd be good for something, but they're starting to rebel and leap out of the cupboard because there are so many of them.
  • I saw a moose the other day when I was out driving, the first one I've seen around Northern Clime. It was a young one and seemed confused by the traffic. It can be as confused as it wants to be, as long as it doesn't leap in front of my car, which isn't much bigger than it is.

    dance said...

    I also have that collection of small metal boxes, plus decorative ones acquired over the years. Some of them finally came in handy when I got cats and discovered I could not leave rubber bands or twist-ties sitting out, which prettied up my home office a bit. You could also collect change in them. The Altoids boxes could live in your bag to protect small items ---band-aids? Paperclips? emergency safety pins?

    Not Quite Grown Up said...

    I keep jewelery in old mint tins. I suppose I could and should use a jewelery box to better protect my earrings and necklaces, but I have one tin filled with casual earrings and another filled with necklaces, and it works pretty well.

    undine said...

    Those are good suggestions, dance and not quite grown up. My jewelry box, such as it is, is a mess because I rarely wear any, so this would help in organizing it. I wish I knew why cats are so drawn to eating rubber bands (a death wish?).

    Anonymous said...

    ooh, i love those boxes! remember when they came free with celestial seasoning tea? i don't know what happened to all of mine! so i use them to rbing tea bags with me when i fly cuz i hate black tea, and to put a bit of jewelery in if i travel, or just a few pills for the day, or paperclips at the desk, or a small sewing kit for if i'm going to a wedding or something. yah, pretty random.

    undine said...

    I don't remember that about the tin boxes for Celestial Seasonings, justme, but what a great idea! I never thought about taking tea with me.