Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Random bullets of October, no surprises here

  • Well, there was September, and now October’s almost gone. I guess teaching takes up a lot of time—who knew?
  • Despite upsetting world events, in terms of weather, it’s been a lovely fall so far.
  • Despite all the “pandemic’s over—hooray” messages from the administration & the US government, students are getting sick from COVID as well as the usual ailments that in-person classes are heir to. I’ve finally caught something—not apparently COVID. It’s inevitable with in-person classes unless everyone keeps masking as we did in Fall 2021, and guess what—not happening. 
  • If some public health person did a study on when students and teachers get sick, I’m guessing they’d find that mid-October is prime time for that.
  • Here’s the playwright Arthur Miller’s writing house: https://www.arthurmiller.org/studio/ . It’s 14 x 22 feet long, which is quite roomy. You can see the evolution of the place from the photographs: fireplace to wood stove, Royal manual typewriter to electric typewriter to computer, etc. It also has a Soviet-era desk chair, steel with padded green leatherette, that is just like mine, so clearly our levels of genius are running in sync. 
  • Goals moving ahead: write more, catch up with blog reading, and generally do better.


Anonymous said...

I got sick the first week of October and needed 2 weeks to get over it. So I totally fit your statistics :-)

World events are horrible, we are somehow moving towards an end of cycle and the new one won't be pretty.

xykademiqz said...

I'm currently having some sort of digestive issue plus general malaise and feeling cold, right on schedule. Work has been nuts this semester.

undine said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear that. Everyone who's gotten sick this fall has reported a harder case of whatever virus it is than usual.

Xykademiqz, digestive issue on top of malaise & cold sounds especially miserable.