Friday, August 06, 2021

How YOU doin'? A follow-up to the previous post, I guess.

Seriously, Joey Tribbiani (Friends) & those associations aside, how are you doing? 

 I ask because we're supposed to be all over this COVID drama, right? Right? 

And we're supposed to soldier on, Delta variant be damned. 

Teach in masks, because we're all hands on deck. Back to school meetings? In person, with a Zoom option if you're still harboring some illusions that there's still a pandemic.

People planning in-person conferences for the most COVID-ridden, anti-vax, no ICU beds left at all states in the union as if there is nothing going on. The pandemic is never discussed except as a topic for a CFP.

And then my second cat this year vanished. 

Well, that happens. Search and search and search and put up posters and notify all the sites. 

Soldier on, and all that.

So I'm trying to work. Soldier on. No stress relief of walking or running because it's been 95-105 degrees and "very unhealthy" with smoke.

Keep cooking. Keep writing. I'm a rock of stability. Keep on keeping on.

I started listening to a song--not even a sad song--by the band that's gotten me through the last 6 months--you know, the mental grout band.

And burst into tears.

Twitter didn't help, you'll be shocked to learn. Now, Twitter has only two channels lately: outrage and snark. Today the snark--which, again, I'm only assuming because the cool kids of academic twitter were posting about it but, not being part of the in crowd, I wasn't in on the joke--was making fun of a poem in which someone expressed grief.  I am DONE. 

What I wanted to tweet was "JFC, what is WRONG with you people?" But it would have been pointless, so I just blocked Twitter with my handy apps. 

So my answer to the question in the title of the post would be "not great, Bob!" 

Since we're due for a few days in which the air is only moderately unhealthy, here's my plan:

1. Eat chocolate.

2. Take early morning walks.

3. Stay off social media.

4. Binge-watch some Mad Men or something. 

5. Get some sleep. 

How are you doing? 




gwinne said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your cat.

Yeah....all this.

I popped onto twitter today because my real self had a bit of good professional news, and I scrolled for 5 minutes and was...WTF is going on. I think I must have caught some of what you were mentioning with the poem but without any context. Seriously though. WTF. No more twitter.

I guess I will also be teaching in person in a mask? Which I haven't really thought through. But at least it's not zoom? At least there's a vax and mask mandate now at my university? At least my kid will hopefully be in school?

undine said...

Congratulations on your good professional news, gwinne!

Thanks also for your comments on my sweet cat. I am trying to hold out hope for her, but we live on the edge of town where there are some wild animals. I am pretty heartsick about it.

I can't tell what I saw on Twitter was the in-group controversy du jour, or a response to it, or what, but it was not only cruel but stupid. Absolutely WTF.

We have a vax mandate but not a mask one, AFAIK, but you have the added concern of a child under 12 (since eldest was vaccinated). Frankly, I'd be thrilled to teach via Zoom again--I loved it--but back to in-person it is.