Friday, August 21, 2020

More pictures

I have a syllabus to do (don't we all right now?), but here are a few more pictures from the little house. As you can see, the furniture gets moved around quite a bit, except for the bookcases. 

What looks like a blue studio couch is actually the chair, which folds out like a Transformer.
Here's the chair in chair form. The unit on the wall is an Amana heat pump for heat & AC.
You can see the bookcases against the wall. The windows on that side are small, like the one over the desk, just enough to give a cross breeze.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

LOVE! Thank you for the second set of pictures. Maybe there should be an "office spaces" meme where we all show where we're working these days.

xykademiqz said...

Love it! And I was puzzled then amazed and finally envious of -- I don't even know what it's called -- the slanted book holder? An easel of some kind? I didn't even know such a thing existed, and now I NEED IT!

Your writing space is such an inspiration!

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Hi, xyk---the stand Undine shows looks like the one I have from Levenger. That version isn't on the site anymore, but here's a link for a similar one with a drawer under it:

Z said...

That's really great. Yes, I want one. One of the walls won't have windows to speak of and will be all books. Maybe both long walls. To the left of the desk, a short wall will be all windows to the sea, and to the right, one will be all windows to the garden, reminiscent of Provence. There will be a door there to the kitchenette / bathroom of the little house, and a stone pathway to the main house.

undine said...

Dame Eleanor--I would love to see an "office spaces" meme.

Xykademiqz--it's what Dame Eleanor says. It's an editor's desk from Levenger, the best product they ever made, and they quit making them about 10 years ago. I love it! Dame Eleanor, the one you found looks pretty great, too.