Saturday, September 09, 2017

Random bullets of a breathable Saturday

  • Yeah, Scalzi said it best; doesn't he always?
  • Being on a Facebook break is great. Checking in on FB and seeing all the perennial outrage and demands to march right now--much of it coming from people who are on a leisurely European vacation bicycling through France or whatever--not so much. I believe the young folk call it "virtue signalling," and if you want me to ignore your posts when I check in again in two weeks, that's a good start. 
  • Twitter thrusts its outrage in my face every day, but then, I ask for it by going to Twitter. Ditto for NYTimes and WaPo. I go to FB to see what my cousins and friends are up to, not to have my face ground in the awful news redux. Maybe my cousins and friends can write a letter instead, since I can't see them through the fog of awfulness.
  • We have finally gone from "this air WILL hurt you" to "this air might bother you," so I can't wait to get out and move for a change.  Fresh air and walking (and maybe Diet Coke) are the only drugs I really crave, and being told that both are hazardous has been hard--not Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma awful, but still. 
  • I am also ignoring email on the weekends. Nothing good ever comes in on the weekend. Here's what I would cross-stitch on a pillow: Email is always someone else's idea of what you ought to be doing, not your idea of what you ought to be doing. Respond accordingly.
  • I am reading for work again. I am getting ideas. I am writing. I am happy about it.
  • Is it a coincidence that the FB & email break coincides with wanting to work again? I'm betting it's not.


Anonymous said...

I'm in some Facebook groups that are about work and that I like. So I don't want to actually quit. And I *do* use FB for news, and like that too. Yet, I am convinced it is bad for you. It's the format, very exhausting, all the messages, all the bombardment. I can't handle Twitter at all for those reasons.

undine said...

profacero--I went back on because of the groups, and now I am hooked and, as you say, exhausted. I'm stopping again tomorrow.