Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random bullets of mid-June

New and improved with categories!
  • Travel. Has this happened to you?  When I see "seats assigned at check-in" on an itinerary for a flight, I assume that it means "fooled you, you sucker! We're going to bump you from the flight"--because they do. Am I the only person this happens to, or have you gotten bumped if you didn't have an assigned seat?
  • Work Progress.  I'll be turning in the Laocoon manuscript for copyediting and production this weekend, and it should be out next year.  Hooray! 
  • Work Progress. Now to get at the overdue piece for another project.  Flavia wrote recently about the whole phenomenon of writing for companion volumes, and while I agree about their proliferation, I just signed on to do another one, after I turned one down earlier in the year. These do get cited, so they are indeed useful. 
  • Cats. One of my cats hates doors being closed (don't they all?), and so if she sees a partially closed door, she will rear up on her hind feet, put her front legs together, and launch herself at the door until it opens. This is a dog behavior, sort of like huskies stiffening their front legs and launching themselves downward to break through the ice or a coyote pouncing on a mouse. I don't know where she got it from.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Point one: Oh. My. God. And little fishes. I can't even. Gah. I would stomp away blithering incoherently, except that . . .

Congratulations on getting the Laocoon MS sorted! That's a big thing. Yay you!

I need to do an update on work progress myself, because I am winning against the Octopus; also various distractions from it that I felt I had to take on, last year, have been judged acceptable without revisions, so I'm quite happy as long as I ignore the news out of places like Wisconsin. Now I may need to go blither and rant.

Oh, and we have one of those cats, too. Only he doesn't actually go for the door if there's a smoother surface nearby on which to demonstrate displeasure. He's one of the fluffy, tufty-toed cats, and he seems to like the feel of slipping his paws down a mirror or window.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

My cat knows how to open the sliding glass door, so we need to be vigilant about making sure it's locked. Otherwise, he will kindly bring us a dead thing overnight for us to discover in the morning. And he doesn't have the courtesy to shut the door behind him either.

undine said...

Dame Eleanor--Yay you for winning against the Octopus (I almost wrote "sinning against the Octopus," as if you were trying to kill it). Also, congrats on the "acceptable without revisions" articles.

My mother has fluffy cats; I will have to watch and see if they do the slipping paws down a mirror thing.

Fie--That is one strong cat, to open a sliding door! Our current cats don't hunt, or at least they don't want to play Share the Dead Thing, for which I am grateful.