Sunday, February 15, 2015

Comments Wordpress won't let me post

Wordpress is on another kick of dismissing my comments with "your comment cannot be posted at this time," which means "we know you are a secret troll/spammer and want nothing to do with you," so here are a couple of comments:
  • To Dame Eleanor Hull:  If I knew how to make little hands clapping signs, I'd do it.  Kudos to Sir John!
  • To nicoleandmaggie: Do you mean "do something FUN every day that scares you"? Riding horses sounds like that.
  • To xcademiqz: I try not to interrupt, but some people speak and make a point, and when I respond to it, keep going to make the same point a second way, and a third way, and a fourth way.  I end up interrupting without meaning to.
  • Comrade PhysioProf: Those flank steak tacos look amazing, as did the flank steak with rice pilaf.  Amazing!


Anonymous said...

Bummer on the comments :( .

I don't think she did mean something Fun, because, like your driving, there are things we do that are scary because we have to or because there's a chance they will pay off in the future. Riding horses is a way for her to challenge her anxiety that does have a fun payoff, but there are many other reasons to do scary things.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

He's a treasure!