Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random bullets of a Thursday

  • The nice thing about Twitter is that if someone says something monumentally stupid with a very self-satisfied air, you can just stop following him or her. 
  • Ditto for Captain Obvious statements, of which there are many.  I have gotten very impatient with stupidity this summer, which would be a problem if I saw these people in person at a conference. But if you unfollow, they won't notice you're gone, so no hurt feelings, no harm, no foul.
  • I want to get this piece done, so I can go back to the big project. I apparently don't want to start thinking so that I can write, though.  It's as though I have a gas grill all ready to start but don't want to push the ignition switch. 
  • Profacero's post about productivity made me think about this. I don't have any emotional resistance, though. It's just laziness on my part. 
  • There is just enough daily engagement with the leaning-in part of my new job that I can't ignore university messages.  It nibbles away at the corners of my concentration as if it's pretending not to touch the rest of the cookie. But if you're looking for distractions--as I often am, because: laziness--it's hard not to give it the whole cookie instead of the crumbs.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Your inability to ignore work stuff made me laugh because I had just read a work email and said aloud, "Who cares?" Yeah, I'm ignoring a lot these days. :)

undine said...

Fie, "who cares?" is a great attitude for the summer.