Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random bullets of thankfulness

Historiann, Dr. Crazy, Belle, and What Now are being thankful for/expressing gratitude at this appropriate season, and so will I, knocking on wood lest I anger the spirits:
  • For my family, the ones who are here and the ones who left us this year. And for the fact that no one is traveling amidst storms this year, except via the magic of Skype.
  • For a job I love that allows me the autonomy and authority to speak my mind and the ability to do what I think is right.
  • For really enjoyable students despite my anticipated grumblings over some of their papers still to come.
  • Still grateful that MLA has been moved to January.
A couple of truly random bullets:
  • You may be an academic if your Christmas tree ornaments are held on every year with bent paperclips instead of the little wire ornament hangers because you've always got paperclips and who has time to go to the store for those little hangers?
  •  You might be an academic if the big red circle on your calendar is for the date grades are due rather than Christmas (Hanukah is early this year, so that isn't in the running this time.) 
And now I give you Bing singing Irving Berlin for Thanksgiving:

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