Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Off topic: *poofed*

  • *Poof*--sorry, this seemed too much after I had posted it. Chalk it up to fatigue. 


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, if you don't have the money, there's financial aid (yes, often in the form of grants). It's the people who can afford it whose kids don't get any aid. I have colleagues who make >200K/year and "can't afford" to send their kids to private school. They can, they just have to stop spending so much money on other things.

There is a part of the middle of the income distribution that's not as well off, where the aid isn't as generous but they don't make as much either. But someone who can't afford $11 isn't in that part of the distribution.

When you have money, you start saving (taking care of retirement first).

Historiann said...

I'm sorry if I wrote anything that upset you.

undine said...

Nicoleandmaggie--you''re right. That was back then, though, and now I don't have the same financial constraints.

Historiann--no, I wasn't upset about the financial discussion; I was just thinking about past constraints (and a present extended family situation) that seemed too revealing, once I'd thought about it. Thank you, though, for checking on it.