Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random soothing questions

  • If you live in a part of the world (as I do) where a significant number of older men have white beards, do children think they are seeing Santa Claus in street clothes?
  • True or false: one of the benefits of sending Christmas cookies to relatives who don't bake (or don't bake any more) is that, if they don't like the cookies they don't have to eat them and you'll never know. 
  • Has it struck anyone yet that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, especially in Sherlock, are really . . . Spock and Bones from Star Trek, without any integrated personality character such as James Tiberius Kirk?
  • Speaking of Sherlock, was it a deliberate choice to make Benedict Cumberbatch resemble a Mr. Darcy-like hero with that Regency-style coat flapping in the wind as he strides along? 
  • Do you find it heartening, as I do, when you go out shopping and see people being kind to one another--chatting with the food sample ladies at Costco, talking with cashiers, and generally behaving as though we all should get along?
  • Has anyone ever found some television show or movie that they actually wanted to watch for free on Amazon Prime? 


Stacey said...

West Wing, all seasons, is available on Amazon Prime;-)

undine said...

Good to know, Stacey--thanks! Between the clunky interface and the absence of anything that didn't cost extra, I'd given up on it.

Nitewriter said...

Star Trek! I love those old originals!

Historiann said...

I find Sherlock unwatchable, mostly because I find Benedict Cumberbatch to be incredibly, almost offensively unattractive. (I also find the efforts to turn him into some kind of heartthrob really revolting, of course.)

delagar said...

I just got done watching ALL of the Sarah Conner Chronicles for free on Amazon Prime (staying up all night for several nights in a row to do it).