Wednesday, November 07, 2012


You know how sometimes you're watching tennis or driving in a car and you move as if your body english would change the outcome because you want so badly for a certain thing to happen?

Yes! Obama body english worked!

And yes for various initiatives and candidates!

And thank you to Historiann and others who were in swing states and not in lefty blue states and waiting in voting lines to make a difference!

I still remember back in 2008 thinking (because I think in cliches) that our long national political nightmare was over, the one where every morning I wondered just how much damage was being done to the country by the people, the deciders, in charge of it.

Now we can have four more years of falling sleep without worrying about that.


Historiann said...

You're welcome! (And you've got spam above my comment here. I'm sure you're quite welcome to it!)

Z said...

We, in Louisiana, cheered the most when we discovered that a full 39% had voted Obama. We had feared so much worse, and we are so proud of ourselves to have gotten such a high percentage, even though the Democratic Party has long since given us up for dead!

undine said...

thanks, Historiann.

Z-that is a great percentage for Louisiana. It was hard to get information on the other states, because the only one that the news networks cared about was Ohio.