Monday, September 03, 2012

And Dickens had a writing house . . .

or a writing chalet, to be exact. It was across the road from his house at Gad's Hill, and he got there via a specially dug tunnel underneath the road.

Another writing house fantasy for your workday musings.

(Image is from, and the Shedworking site, the second link, has lots of pictures of writing houses for the daydreaming academic.)

And in honor of the day, and Dickens's championing of the disenfranchised, a little Pete Seeger ("Which Side Are You On?"): The version I know best is by The Weavers, but this is stirring, too.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I want Clarissa's Dominican hotel for my writing house.

undine said...

Weren't those lovely pictures, though?