Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Random bullets of "Tuesday's dead"

  • Yes, indeed--I've spent the whole day wondering things like "Why are the trash trucks coming around on Tuesday?" and only just now figured out the reason.
  • The bad news part: I'm a day more behind on grading than I thought.
  • The good news part: I was so absorbed in making writing discoveries that I didn't notice which day it was.
  • The Mad Men predictions part: You heard it here first--Megan is French Canadian because she is going to turn into Margaret Trudeau, a vibrant young woman who marries a powerful, sexy older man but decides that it's not for her.  Next time, it won't be Don and Harry shilling for Heinz Beans backstage at a Rolling Stones concert; it'll be Ms. Zoobie Zoo (okay, Zou Bisou Bisou) herself, with a camera.  I know--MT is not French Canadian by birth, but let's see what happens. (Hence the 1970s clip below.)
  • Back to writing and grading. 

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