Monday, March 28, 2011

Professor Angriette from Angryville

The important things I want to say aren't things that I can be articulate about, such as Bob Herbert's great final column about what's wrong with this country (does GE making $5.1 billion in profits and paying no taxes ring a bell?) and the attack on William Cronon, about which you can read good posts at Tenured Radical, Historiann, Bardiac, Roxie's World, Dean Dad, Anthony Grafton at The New Yorker, and Paul Krugman at The New York Times (h/t Historiann for the links). I would have to change the name of this blog to Professor Angriette from Angryville and buy a megaphone to yell at all the idiocy mendacity, since even quivering like Lionel Barrymore can't cut it as a statement of rage anymore.
Anyway. Later on I'll write a nice, quiet post about writing or pouring rain, both of which are constants here right now.


Historiann said...

"Professor Angriette?" Srsly? That still sounds pretty polite, not at all like you're channeling your inner Bad Girl.

You need to work up some more rage, friend, until you are "Professor I Don't Have to Put Up with This Bullshitte, Motherfucker."

undine said...

You have a point, Historiann. None of the things that are making me angry right now are close enough to get the Steely Gaze of Anger, so I may have to try another tactic.