Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Resolutions for 2010:
  • To write something on current projects every working day, even if it's just for a little while.
  • To grade papers right away. It's not as though they're marinating in that bookbag and will be more flavorful for the extra time.
  • To dress a little less in MLA black casual and a little more in fashion fabulous. Picture at right? Totally my teaching outfit for May.
  • To say this to myself when something (or someone) irritating comes along, sends me an irritating email, or otherwise disturbs a happy and uneventful day: "Do you really care that much, and is a response likely to change anything? Let it go."
Happy New Year, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Excellent resolutions! Good luck with all of them especially your teaching outfit for May! Fabulous...

All best wishes for 2010 Undine.


Ink said...

Brava! I like your resolutions. And will be aspiring toward your nonmarinating grading technique myself.

Hope your 2010 is fab.

Peter said...

I'll adopt intention #4 as the one that will probably have the biggest (+ve) impact on my 2010.

As far as #2 you might want to have a look at eMarking Assistant. It won't help with papers out of your bag but it might help getting the graded papers back in.

Annie Em said...

Love the resolutions, Undine, especially the non-marinated papers and the fashion fabulous goals (neither of which I can join you in resolving, alas, since I still want to believe in marinated papers and I have so much MLA black in my closet!).

Anonymous said...

I will adopt these exact resolutions.

Note: the next MLA is in L.A. and I expect to wear pale pink, deep rose, burgundy, white, or all of the above, with brown accents, all in silk.

undine said...

Best wishes to you, too, PP!

Ink, I wrote them down as resolutions, but they're more like hopes. Hope your 2010 is fab, too.

Peter, I agree: if I can accomplish #4, the rest of it isn't as important. Thanks also for the link to eMarking Assistant; I have a program something like that (Markin) but am eager to try out the new one.

AnnieEm, my "fashion fabulous" goals are pretty modest, the picture notwithstanding :-). I'm going to try adding in a little color now and then, but that's about it. A colleague at another university said to me last fall, "your clothes always look so . . . stable," (trying to find a synonym for "boring," I guess) and so I thought I might try to mix it up a little.

Profacero, I think the MLA could use more of those colors! I hope that the better climate in 2011 will help with the wardrobe choices.

Peter said...

Undine ... I would be VERY interested in your thoughts on the video demonstrations or the free 60 day trial of eMarking Assistant which is available from site

Feel free to post your comments on your blog or email me at and I can send you some more information.

Peter Evans

Sisyphus said...

I think we should all arrive at the next MLA in gold lame, considering the location. That dress from Madam Satan is fabulous!

undine said...

Sisyphus, the MLA needs more gold lame, or at least less black. We'd stand out as though we were on fire!

Peter, I did try to open it but haven't quite figured out how to install it yet. I'll post about it when I do.

Peter said... is a 5 minute demo of the installation process ... the main thing is that you have to save it to your disk and enable macros (contact me via the web site or email and I can assist if you want)

The Bittersweet Girl said...

Love the teaching outfit. Just imagine the student evals you'd get!

Happy 2010!