Friday, September 25, 2009

Words we need to have

Embriskenment: the act of lighting a fire under one's own prose, metaphorically speaking, while editing so that the sentences move along at brisk, lively pace.

Compujudgment: the process by which various computer programs, like RescueTime, Remember the Milk, and Leechblock, gang up on you to judge whether you're being productive or not.
  • Bonus points if you actually feel guilty about what the summaries will say at the end of the day about how much time you've wasted.
  • Triple points if you can actually see the ghosts of David Allen, Merlin Mann, and Robert Boice hovering over the corners of your monitor like Agents of Doom.
Facebookiania: in-depth knowledge acquired about colleagues' avocations, pets, and favorite bands that crowds out one's knowledge of their research interests.

Folder grooming: the act of cleaning out, sorting, and reordering folders so that writing can begin.
  • Bonus points if the folders have any relationship to the project at hand.

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Ink said...

Awesome! I love to create new wo rds, too(like "offertunity"). Yours are great!