Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days in Slothland

I'll get back to posting soon, but I had to make a deal with Writing Self. Writing Self is apparently a shy forest creature easily distracted by the presence of the internet. In order to coax it from its hiding place, the internet has to be nowhere in range, but I've had visitors and so the internet couldn't be turned off during the day until today.

Writing Self still isn't back, but I'm hopeful that the lack of internet tomorrow will bring it back.


Ink said...

Or maybe you could leave out some cheese? ;)

undine said...

Good idea--or hay. I picture it as being like the young deer I saw the other day during my walk.

Anonymous said...

That does sound like an appropriate vibe. A salt lick, then. I don't know why, but deers love it. Is it the equivalent of catnip?