Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trance day

Other bloggers have talked about their plans for the summer, mapping out their time, and so on, and I have a chart along those lines myself. Somehow the chart failed me today, however, even though I have a lot to do. It was a trance day, and I did nothing all day long.

A trance day is a day when you might as well have stayed in bed. It's sort of like a vacation day, except instead of doing lots of outdoorsy fun things, your only exertion, mental or otherwise, is fixing a bowl of cereal, and even that seems like kind of a challenge.

On a trance day, the exercise plans are the first to go: even my beloved early morning walk didn't get done this morning. I got up early and fell back asleep after I sat on the couch to put my shoes on. All day it felt as though someone else was carrying my brain around, and they'd wrapped it in a comforter so I couldn't hear what it was saying.

About noon, I quit staring stupidly at the computer, gave up, and watched Bette Davis movies all afternoon. I did a little reading, but I barely moved off the couch all day, and yes, since falling asleep in the morning wasn't apparently enough, I fell asleep this afternoon, too.

I'm hoping that the trance day has given me a lot of stored energy for tomorrow and that whoever has my brain will give it back.

[Edited to add a picture of Davis in Jezebel.]


Ink said...

Sometimes I think we need those days for balance! Sounds lovely, actually. :)

Anonymous said...

I have lots of these days. Good ones are the ones you just give into and do. Bad ones are ones you don't allow to relax you, but feel bad about.

Now that I have utterly bared my teeth at Reeducation and do not have to bargain with it/live with it any more, I expect fewer trance days.

Sisyphus said...

It wasn't me!

I had my own couple of trance days last week... felt like I had gotten no sleep even though I didn't remember tossing and turning.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

THANK YOU for admitting you have these too!

undine said...

I think we need them too, Ink--but oh, if only they didn't put us so behind!

profacero, that's an interesting connection between Reeducation and trance days; is it the exhaustion of the fight that makes the trance days necessary, do you think?

sisyphus, that's the thing--I thought I had gotten enough sleep, and yet I couldn't wake up during the day.

Dame Eleanor Hull--I HOPE it's not just me! On those days, I feel as though I'm walking through the airport of life and everyone else is on one of those fast moving walkways.