Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too tired for bullets (no academic content)

Some deadly sins.

Pride: A student came by the other day and stood in the doorway. "What are you teaching next semester?" she asked. "I was just talking with Stu Dent, and we agreed that your class last year was the best class we've ever taken at Northern Clime University." This totally made my day.

Envy: Every time someone like Malcolm Gladwell or some other prolific author publishes another book, I think about the etching-words-with-a-diamond on glass project that is still going slowly and wonder how he does it.

Gluttony: Guittard Milk Chocolate Chips are good straight out of the bag. There's no need to waste them by putting them in cookies.

Sloth: See the etching-with-a-diamond project. This has to be laziness.

Anger: I think I've got that one covered.


Professor Zero said...

I've got all these except less justification for pride. (I don't think it's a sin in your case.)

Envy: big time, of anyone with more money or more open credit.

Gluttony: I lost too much weight, like 10 pounds when I should have lost 5, in Peru and came back hungry. Now I have gained back the 10 and all of this must stop.

Anger: the big one - and it seems to be going around, we're all on edge with emotional fatigue I think. It is an exhausting drug, as you said earlier. I tend to think of it as a guide - a sign to look more closely at what causes are - but I think the most substantial cause is just fatigue.

On that, WWOD: I nearly split a gut in ire watching tv while riding the stationary bike at the gym. CNN commentators, including Lou Dobbs, were saying Obama's cabinet was same olds from the Clinton administration plus terrorists. WWOD: realize that there is no way to control all of this. Focus on own work, personal integrity, gain strength from this.

undine said...

I wonder if Lou Dobbs said the same thing about all the cabinet retreads from Bush I that were in Bush II's cabinet--Rumsfeld, anyone?

I like your WWOD message gained from this. OTOH, I wonder if Lou Dobbs's spleen against the world is catching.