Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random Bullets of Almost Summer

  • Does everyone put off all kinds of tasks (shopping for clothes, painting, various household things like buying a doormat) until summer, or is it just me? It's as though I've been underwater and come to the surface, only to notice that the car needs to be cleaned and that the nondescript dark wool stuff I wear all winter really ought to be put away, now that it's June.
  • I believe that my cat could run some branches of the federal government better than they are run now. Let's review the sequence:
    1. Government announces that passports will be mandatory next January for travel to Canada and Mexico and that some new kind will be mandatory this summer.
    2. People with travel plans in the works dutifully apply for passports.
    3. Government is shocked--shocked!--to see that people are applying for passports in record numbers. From the Washington Post: "'We simply did not anticipate Americans' willingness to comply so quickly with the new laws,' Maura Harty, assistant secretary of state for consular affairs, said in a written statement to a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee." Apparently more than 110,000 passport applications are "piled in closets, the supervisor's office, and the break room."
      If you tell people they can't go out of the country if they don't comply, why would you be surprised if they try to comply? That's like being a McDonald's manager and saying "Who knew that people would show up for lunch and that there'd be a noon rush?"

  • The productivity apps are having an effect: I can see the clock ticking even as I'm writing this.
  • Now I'm off to get more house maintenance stuff done (oil change for car) before getting back to work.

    [Edited to add: I forgot the big one! Summer school is over and the grades are in--whoopee!]

    Sisyphus said...

    Re: bullet number 1: absolutely! I tend tu surface and realize that lots of my clothes are stained or don't fit, so I only make big shopping trips over breaks. Ditto the dr.s appointments, which I've been getting out of the way this week.

    undine said...

    You, too? I shop about twice a year, when I can't put it off any longer.